Kelly Woodward

Kelly Jo Woodward

My name is Kelly Jo Woodward. I am the proud owner of Legacy Senior Solutions (LSS). A born and raised resident of the great state of Iowa, I grew up cherishing the wisdom, history, and core values the senior community often pass on to us. In essence it is their lasting legacy to us, their families.

I have worked in the healthcare industry since 1991, specifically in long-term care. I have over 10 years of experience with Medicaid, Medicare & VA planning and eligibility. My heart is with the senior community, ensuring they are protected when they are most vulnerable. I work closely with the state throughout the application process, ensuring the clients I serve receive accurate and timely results.

I am the face of LSS. Although I coordinate with many different professionals in the long-term care network, I will be your personal guide through the overgrown paths of red tape and qualifying regulations which can financially derail you if not precisely followed. I will stay the course with you, allowing you to reach your goals, confident and assured you’ve made the best possible decisions for you or your loved one’s future needs. Really, isn’t that just another way of saying you’ve arrived at your destination, peace of mind?

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