Compassion, Integrity, Honesty…Trust

I am new to the blog universe, so please forgive me while I stumble through these first few posts. You can read up on my experience on my About Us page, so I’ll start by talking about what legacy means to me.

The word legacy often brings to mind terms such as wills, trusts, finances, property, family heirlooms etc. While this is a part of the legacy we leave behind and a major part of the services we offer here at Legacy Senior Solutions, it is not the most important part. Any financial adviser can help with this part, but do not look at the overall needs of the individual. I have extensive experience with the clinical side of healthcare and know that an individual’s mental and emotional health are every bit as important. Most of the families I meet are in crisis. They are dealing with the financial issues related to long-term care, but the emotional strain and mental stress often make the situation more than they can tolerate. Knowing that they have someone on their side that cares and is focused on their overall well-being is huge.

The legacy I want to leave is one of compassion, integrity, and honesty building trust with the families I am able to help. I want to do what is right, not what is easy. I want to do what is best for the families I serve, not what is best for my pocketbook. While I obviously need to make a living, I refuse to do so at an individual’s expense.

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations we have. I see it as a duty and a honor to protect and serve the senior community with respect and compassion. They have earned the right to live out their remaining time on this earth with comfort and dignity.

2 thoughts on “Compassion, Integrity, Honesty…Trust”

  1. It is refreshing to see the younger generation with such heartful compassion. I pray your new adventure goes well and God shows you all the people you can help. God Bless!

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